NOTW, Fiery Red

I've been feeling a little 'blah' this week, and one of the easiest tricks for me to snap out of it is to paint my nails a really bright color.

Enter Love & Beauty By Forever21's Fiery Red nail polish. Fiery red is a great name for this. It's a bright, in-your-face, tomato red.

Essie Base coat+ 3 coats + Sally Hansen top coat
(please excuse my stubby fingernails. I had a bit of biting 'incident' this week) 

I'm not sure this is going to last the whole week, it's already chipping a little.

What shades are you wearing this week?

Love and kisses!


  1. Great colour hun. Very uplifting!

  2. Thanks :) I am really upset with myself about biting, though. I think I might get a set of fakes this week until I'm over the urge!


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