Nails of the Week

It has recently come to my attention that I may have a slight problem when it comes to buying nail polish. I love having my nails done and I feel somewhat 'ungroomed' if they aren't polished.

I know that my collection is still 'small' compared to other bloggers, and I'm still not in the big leagues as I do not own a Chanel polish (yet). But it is a lot because I still haven't worn most of them.

So here's my new polish challenge.. I'm not going to buy any more nail polish (unless it's Limited Edition, hey a girl can only have so much self control!) until I have worn every single one of these. I think that's reasonable enough.

Here is this week's polish:

Premier Dame by Nailstation, Essie Base coat + 2 coats of polish + Sally Hansen Top coat

This was actually a gift from my friend Felicia, who is well aware of my addiction. It's a beautiful dark eggplant purple. Very pretty, although it's been two days and it seems to be chipping slightly at the tips. Other than that, I just love the color. It works really well with neutral tones and feels like a grown-up alternative to black polish.

What colors are you guys wearing this week?

Love and kisses!


  1. I tried to do the same challenge, but then I went to a beauty fair where they were selling Nfu Oh and I couldn't help myself!!! I end up giving it up... hope you are stronger than me!
    I am wearing Red today!

  2. You know what? Right after I posted this, I went into Boots and the VERY first thing I did was go to look at nail polish! I stopped myself though, and now I have space for a new obsession..perhaps lipstick or maybe eyeliner? hmmm! :)


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