My New Favorite Nail Polish!

Introducing my go to polish for this autumn/winter.

Earthly Harmony. Part of MAC's Trend F/W 2010 Limited Edition Collection

I actually had to go to two stores to find this shade. I found it while browsing my local MAC and fell in love. They were completely sold out, so the hunt was on! 

The official description is "Muted Taupe (Frost)". It's a gorgeous 'greige' shade with teeny tiny flecks of gold to give it  a warm sheen. The gold flecks do show up in the bottle more than on my nails, but the actual color of the polish is so pretty that I don't really care. 

 With Flash
Without Flash

This is such a pretty neutral shade. It goes really well with all of fall/winter's darker colors and I know that I will probably be wearing it loads next spring as well. I'm actually going to hunt down another bottle because I love it so much. 

I have found that this wears really well, especially for MAC polish. With a base coat and top coat, I can get at least 4-5 days before it starts to chip. The only thing is that I noticed the polish is really creamy, so I'm worried that it may start to thicken soon. Just another reason to stock up on multiple bottles!

What are your favorite winter polish shades?

Love and kisses!

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