DIY Beaded Knot Statement Necklace

Here's a really easy necklace that I made this week. I was inspired by this one:
I'm pretty sure this one's by Anthropologie, but I'm not 100% certain.

I had some leftover sparkly beads from last Christmas, but they weren't enough on their own so I added little beads in between the big ones. 

 I strung the beads onto two pieces of jewelry wire and made loops at the end (for the clasps)

Then I just looped them over each other to create the knot

I attached a little bit of chain in the back and a small clasp.

I couldn't get my knot as big as in the original picture, but I gave myself an 'A' for effort. Anyway, a girl can never have enough sparkles in her wardrobe! I think this would be cute with a LBD and a blazer.

Love and kisses!

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