My Hair Growth Game Plan (the Story of my Hair) - 1

I am trying to grow out my hair again. The picture in my profile is actually from Christmas 2008 and I would love to get it to that length again.

First off, I promised pictures of my new hair color, didn't I? I'm so sorry I kept forgetting and then I didn't have a decent camera (or any decent pictures) This is kind of all I have at the moment, so please bear with me :)
My natural hair color (kind of old, before I cut it)

The original highlights (please excuse the mess and the scrunchie, I was getting ready to tone it)

I really wanted a change and so I went to the very lovely Jardin at Jen's Hair Studio on Shaikh Zayed Road. She did such a great job at lifting my hair (I LOVE the depth and variation that she was able to achieve) She applied a full head of highlights and I love how natural her technique came out. I didn't want it to look too streaky and she managed to make it look like I have a lighter base + highlights with just a full head of foils.

My hair kinda bothered me for the first few days. It wasn't Jardin's fault, she did exactly what I asked her to and the results were beautiful (even better than when I used to have my hair highlighted before), but it was just a little too light and bright for me. At least for my first time back with a lighter color.

So...I got out some leftover dye and toned my hair with a very low peroxide and an ashy blond dye.

Tada! I prefer this a lot more, and I was super pleased that the variation is still visible.

So there you go, that's my new hair color. It's funny, when I had it highlighted Jardin asked me how it felt and I said 'it honestly just feels really normal to me'. While I love my darker, natural color, somehow having lighter hair feels just as natural. I know most people go darker for fall/winter, but hey, it's pretty much always sunny over here!

For some reason, I also feel a little more confident. I think it's good to shake things up every once in a while. I'm thinking of going bright red next year, so we'll see. I still want to wear this color for at least 5-6 months.

What do you guys think?

Love and kisses,

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  1. I really like the colour. It's a good change and itsn't too bright that it is summery.


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