My Hair Growth Game Plan - Retaining Length

My hair is naturally curly and prone to dryness. It is also double-processed (bleached and toned) so I have to be very careful with it. 

Retaining my ends is super important because I plan on only getting a trim every two months. Which means that I really have to baby my hair in between. 

Here's what I've been doing to retain my growth and keep my hair from further damage:

- I avoid using shampoos that contain Sulfates. Sulfates, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, can strip your hair of natural oils and irritate your scalp. I actually find that I have less problems with my scalp when I use a SLS free shampoo.

- Co-washing. Lots of women these days are turning to conditioner to wash their hair. Most conditioners do contain some form of detergent to allow them to rinse out. I alternate my shampoos with a light conditioner (I use Suave Clarifying Daily Conditioner). Cowashing leaves my hair and scalp feeling clean and refreshed, but also moisturized and soft. It has really helped improve the condition of my hair. 

- Using a leave-in treatment every day. I am still 'experimenting' and trying to find the perfect leave in for my hair. Right now, I am alternating between L'oreal Elvive Royal Jelly Leave-in and KMS Moistrepair. I think I prefer the KMS one. I especially make sure to apply it to my ends to prevent split ends.

- I try not to heat style my hair more than once or twice a week. This means that I've been wearing my hair curly and air drying it more often. If I want to relax my curl, all I do is towel dry it and let it air dry about 80% before I put it in a bun. I let it out when it's totally dry and my hair has a very natural relaxed wave.

- I always, always, ALWAYS use a heat protectant before I blow dry or use my curling iron. ALWAYS! My favorites are V05 Extreme Heat Style Protectant, Redken Smooth Down and Schwarzkopf Osis Flatliner spray.

Well, that's how I take care of my hair!

Love and kisses!

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