MHK Challenge - Week 2

Alright, since last week didn't go so well, I am going to have to try my darndest to get results this week. I'm carrying on all the mini challenges from last week, but I am adding a few new ones.

Be in bed before midnight and wake up before 9am.

Bowie likes his sleep, too!

Since I am not 'technically' working at the moment, I get to wake up whenever. Up till now, this has meant waking up at noon after watching episodes of True Blood or Weeds until 2am. This week, my main challenge is to get to bed before midnight and set my alarm (and wake up!) before 9am so I can hit the park for a run before it gets too hot. I will NOT allow myself to turn off my alarm because I am really tired and 'want to sleep in just a little'.

Also, research has shown that women who go to sleep and wake up at regular hours can lose more weight. Check out this awesome article from Glamour magazine about a study they did, one of the women lost 15 pounds!

No eating after 8 pm.
That means no late night snacks, no 'quick bites' and no tea, unless it's decaffinated.

No bread or noodles and no dairy.
Bread (and carbs in general) are my drugs of choice. But if I am going to do this and I want results quickly, cutting out bread and noodles is a way for me to get results. I will probably eventually add them back in, but I will avoid them for the rest of this challenge since this really is a 'kick start' for me.
I am slightly lactose intolerant, but lately cheese and dairy has been aggravating my asthma and making my chest congested. I usually drink soy milk anyway, so cheese will be the real problem.

Plan my meals the night before.
I tend to overeat when I'm hungry, so I need to make sure that I eat frequently during the day. This week, I want to try and plan all of my meals the night before so that I can prepare them during the day. Hopefully, this will also help keep me from overeating.

Well, those are my mini challenges for this week! I'm looking forward to much better results at the end of this week.

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  1. Good luck babe. Keep me posted on how it is going. Have you started the acrylic nail course yet btw?


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