Vacation Haul: Duty Free and Nail Polish

OK, here are some of the things I bought on vacation. I spent most of my money on shoes so I wasn't able to get a lot of products. Plus, I avoided department store brands because we get most of them here, anyway.

So here's some stuff I bought at the duty free (in the Dubai airport, Manila airport and on the plane)

MAC tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink
L'oreal Double Extension Duo (mascara + lash serum)

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau De Parfum,
Stella McCartney Stella In Two Peony Eau De Toilette

Orly Nail Laquer in Samba, Caronia Nail Polish in Claret
Dashing Diva Tangerine "something" (I accidentally tore the label off, sorry!)
Elianto nail color in Peach, Caress nail polish in Attraction, Elianto nail color in Silky

I am really excited about the L'oreal lash serum. I inherited my mother's sparse Japanese eyelashes and I'm really hoping the serum lives up to all the hoopla! I've taken a 'before' picture and will post the 'after' in a couple weeks.

The MAC lip conditioner surprised me. I always avoided it because I thought it was just an overpriced lip balm. I was wrong. I beg the forgiveness of the beauty Gods. This stuff is awesome and tastes great.

The Tom Ford perfume is one that I wanted for a long time, and I finally got it. Better late than never, right? I tend to lean towards heavier, more exotic scents and this one seems like the perfect accessory to go with my dozens of little black dresses.

The Stella McCartney one is much lighter and probably better for daytime. I loved the bottle and the scent was very fresh, feminine and uplifting. I thought it would be great to pair with my sundresses.

I bought some of the brighter polishes because I'm one of those annoying girls that can't stand to have chipped polish EVER - even on vacation. I try not to get manicures done in the Philippines because they can be quite harsh and last year I came back with really thin, weak nails. I thought the orange and pink would be pretty for the summer and the plum Orly shade would be a great way to introduce fall.

Greige is still having it's time in the sun, but this season it's got a bit more tone to it. I thought the purple-gray (preige?) Caress shade was gorgeous.

I love, love, love metallics right now and I spotted the gold Elianto from the corner of my eye and flew over to it. It's a little more sheer than I thought it would be, but it's a pretty, festive alternative to the nudes that are going to be big.

Anyway, that's part one of my vacation haul! Sorry for the photos again, I have no camera and have to use my phone :(

Happy ramadan!
Love and kisses,


  1. Hi did you get on with the serum?!

  2. prettyinthedesertJuly 17, 2011 at 9:06 PM

    I actually really liked it! I noticed a definite difference, but I didn't take pictures and when I stopped, it kinda seemed like they went back to the way they were. I didn't use it for the full 6 weeks though. I think I'm gonna try again :)

  3. Really love to try the serum..thanx for sharing..


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