That's It, I'm Growing My Hair Out Again!

I had my hair thermally reconditioned last year and just had all of the straightened ends cut off. It's basically in a shoulder length bob with sideswept bangs right now.

I really want to grow my hair out and my ends were really damaged (they were basically bleached, dyed, straightened and then bleached and dyed again!) so I wanted to cut them off and start over.

I was thinking of cutting my hair shorter and having it shaped a bit more....

Then I saw this video.

How gorgeous is her hair??
So yeah...I'm not cutting my hair for a while! Apart from the occasional trim, of course :)

It's been about a year since I first cut my hair shorter and I do miss having longer hair. So that's my new mission. I'm getting my hair dyed on Wednesday (super excited but kinda nervous!!) so I'll post starting photos and some of the tips I'll be using soon.

Love and kisses,

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