Quick Tip: Recycle Your Sample Containers

I hardly ever throw away the little bottles and tubs that my free samples come in.

When I'm done trying out the product, I wash out the container with warm, soapy water and let it air dry. Then I store it in a ziplock bag with all of my travel 'accessories'.

These little bottles and tubs are perfect for travelling, especially if you are only going away for a bit and don't want to check in your luggage (damn you, 3 ounce rule!!) I just pour or scoop a little bit of my product into the empty containers and I'm ready to go! I can usually get about 5 days to a week (if I really stretch!) out of the container.

The small size also makes them great for stuffing in your purse, so they're perfect for impromptu sleepovers! ;)

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