Manila Haul: Baubles and Beads

I love to DIY my jewelery. A lot of the times, I'll go into the store and see something beautiful but I just can't bring myself to actually pay money for it when I know I can make it myself.

We found this wonderful notions store at Megamall and I almost cried. Everything was SOO much cheaper, it made me realize just how much the people at Dragonmart are ripping me off.

I'm still really big on statement necklaces. I loved the black one because it's pretty simple and can go with pretty much anything. The beads on that one are cool, too, because they are almost a matte metallic. The other two are actually collars but I mainly bought them for the beads so I'll probably end up de-beading them.

Some big rhinestones that I bought. They are so expensive here, I'm not sure why (maybe I'm looking in the wrong places?) The rectangular ones in the bottom left corner are pretty cool cuz they change color. I also bought some black felt so I can just sew them on my own necklaces.

I bought these little beads because I've also been loving Chan Luu's beaded jewelry and wanted to DIY my own (look for a tutorial soon!)

The leather cord is for the beaded jewelry, I just liked the colors. The flowers and the sequin strips are for headbands. I want to start wearing more and thought I could just use my glue gun to glue them onto headbands.

Some earring bases that I found and some posts. I also bought these little clasps for the leather straps because I haven't been able to find these here (kicking myself for not buying more!!)

How cute are these little maroon crochet balls? I thought they were so cute and would look nice on a long floral fabric necklace come spring. The rest of the beads are just big, colored ones that I liked.

I also bought some black lace, because I love, love LOVE black lace and girl can never have enough! hehe

I guess with all this stuff, I have no right to ever say that I'm bored again!

I can't wait to show you guys what I've made with the stuff.

Love and kisses,

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  1. I used to make my own jewelery when I was younger and I loved to do it! I was great...

    Please keep us update and show us the pics!

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