You know that point between frustration and fear where you just feel like crawling under the covers and crying all day? Well, that's where I am right now.

Here's a little background:

I have always been a girlie girl and I have always been into make up and beauty. I remember taking the Cover Girl ads from my mom's magazines and pretending they were real makeup as a little girl. So naturally, I chose a career in beauty therapy.

Cut to today, past many failed jobs and terrible working experiences and I now have the opportunity to open up my very own beauty salon.

I'm more than excited. It's something I've wanted almost my entire adult life. But I am also scared shitless. There's just so much to do and I don't even know where to begin! And it's so hard!!! We're working on a budget at the moment and trying to work within it is proving to be a little difficult.

I do realize how lucky I am. I get to follow my dreams and build my bliss and all that good stuff, yadda yadda yadda. I have a wonderful support system made up of family and friends and I am so grateful for all of this.

I'm just a little stressed out right now because I can see the end result, and I know where I want to get and what I want to get out of it....I just have no bloody clue how to go about getting there.

*and breathe*

So that's my little vent for today. I've had this song by Royskopp on repeat today to try and calm myself down. If any of you have any suggestions on really calming albums (that do not include Enya or Michael Buble) please let me know:)

Love and kisses,

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