Easy DIY Highlights

Here's a great two-part video on how to achieve natural looking highlights without heading to the salon.

Please go see a professional if your hair is already processed or you want all over brightening. Color-treated hair doesn't always lift or lighten evenly and if you want an all over lighter look, you will need a full head of highlights. That's not easy to do and you can easily damage your hair. Plus, you may end up even paying more to have it corrected than you would have spent on the highlights. I learnt this the hard way during the Great Bleaching Disaster of '09 :(

I know that highlighting kits are a little hard to come by over here (are we EVER going to get a damn Sallys??) so here's a very basic description of various levels of developers. Most highlighting kits contain some sort of bleaching powder or creme and a developer (peroxide). You need to mix the developer with the bleach to activate it.

10 Volume - does not lift hair color. Only use a 10 vol if you want to deposit hair color (meaning to go darker or simply add a little bit of tone to the shade you already have)

20 Volume - lifts hair 1-2 shades. 20 Volume peroxide is great if your hair is already quite light or if you want very subtle lightening.

30 Volume - lifts hair 2-3 shades. Your best bet for lifting darker hair.

Please, please, please follow manufacturer's instructions and measure out the product properly. I know it sounds silly, but make sure you use measuring cups to get it right. It really makes a difference. And don't forget to set your timer and keep checking the foils!!

In my opinion, one of the big keys to great, even highlights is sectioning properly. Make sure to clip the rest of your hair out of the way and highlight thin sections. Bleach will only lighten the hair that it touches, it doesn't seep through like regular dye does. You need to use smaller, thinner sections and apply the bleach as evenly as possible to avoid patchy highlights.

Again, if in doubt, please see a professional.

For more haircoloring tips, check out The Hair Color Mix Book by Lorrie Goodard-Clarke. I recently bought it and she has dozens of great hair color recipes!
Let me know if you try this out! :)

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