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A Girls' Weekend in Berlin

I recently (OK, it was like two months ago, and yes, I am definitely the worst kind of blogger), I headed to Berlin for a girl's weekend. It was initially a bachelorette weekend for one of my girlfriends, but one thing led to another and it ended up just being a regular old girl's trip. In one of the best cities in the world.

GirlBossing With Netflix

A few weeks ago, the cool dudes at Netflix Mena invited me to a lunch and brief of their new campaign. I figured that since I probably spend more time watching stuff on Netflix than doing anything else, it was an opportunity I shouldn't miss. And I was right.

Aldo Solemates

First of all, HEY THERE! Remember me? I know there's loads we need to catch up on and I will definitely fill you guys in on what's been going on and stuff, but I have something pretty cool that I wanted to share ASAP!

Mitts And Trays

Mitts and Trays at Citywalk has quickly become one of my favorite little places to grab a coffee or a meal in Dubai. The interiors are adorable (the copper lights are so cute), the food is amazing, and the staff can't seem to do enough for you (even when you and your friend both avoid gluten, but desperately want a dessert). 

My Workout Playlist (AKA A Playlist for Girls Who Don't Listen to Drake)

(mental note: probably a good idea to get rid of the cat hair on your sports bra before taking a picture of it)

So, I recently started riding my bike out at the tracks around town. Which is really weird for a girl for whom "physical activity" usually means "pausing Netflix and going to the door to get my pizza delivery". But alas, the cycling bug has bit me and I now try to get out on my bike at least four times a week.